What Is the Difference Between Family and General Dentistry?

Every person looks for a reliable and trusted dentist who can provide the best dental services as and when needed. Many patients decide to become the regular patient of the general dentist near you in Newark that provide different dental procedures and if they are highly satisfied with the services.

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5 Essential Dental Procedures Performed by a General Dentist

If you maintain healthy eating habits and follow standard oral hygiene practices, it is highly likely that you will rarely encounter any minor dental issues. And a dentist needs to be consulted to back up the routine.

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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Don't we all long for a beautiful pearly-white smile? However, from our morning coffee to sipping wine in the evening, there can be quite a few things that we consume every day that can stain our teeth and cause discoloration.

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Sensitive Teeth: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, and More

Have you ever faced sensitivity or uneasiness after grabbing a bite of frozen yogurt or a spoonful of hot soup? If yes, then you are not going to fight this battle alone. Pain brought about by hot or cold food varieties could be an indication of a cavity which is a very common factor in people who have sensitive teeth.

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Teeth Whitening: The Preferred Procedure By Cosmetic Dentists

If your beautiful smile is being noticed by many, then you are gifted. Nobody turns away from a shiny white smile. However, a stained set of teeth can turn out to be a nightmare. Many people shy away from smiling due to reasons such as stained teeth, uneven teeth, cracked teeth, and many more.

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Six Reasons to Hand-Pick Dental Implants

Every person has the right to don a beautiful and radiant smile. At the dental office of Dr. Myung Hyon, Park Place Dental Group, patients can seek the best dental implant treatment. He has earned recognition as the best implant dentist in Newark and has served the communities with the best dental care.

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Essential Facts One Needs To Know Regarding Teeth Whitening

When we grow older, our teeth enamel's outer layer wears out revealing another layer containing dentin in the teeth. During the course of aging, stains from wear-and-tear and tartar can dim the teeth’ color. But these harms can be overcome by opting for popular alternatives such as whitening kits to whitening strips.

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Special Needs Dentistry Is A Blessing In Disguise

Caring for adults or kids with special needs requires a little more effort and patience. And this extra effort is especially needed by dentists to tackle dental issues with them. For example, it would be really difficult for a kid with autism to sit on that dentist's chair even for a normal check-up.

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