Can You Whiten Teeth With Periodontal Disease in Newark?

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Teeth whitening is a popular procedure many people undergo to improve the aesthetics of their smile. However, the process involves using bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen carbamide, which may or may not be compatible with other dental issues and treatments. In a previous blog post, we discussed what separates a dentist from an oral surgeon and a periodontist. However, In this blog post, Dr. Myung Hyon, a cosmetic dentist in Newark, breaks down what you need to know about teeth whitening with periodontal disease and how to manage it.

Can You Whiten Teeth With Periodontal Disease in Newark?

If you have a periodontal infection, you may be wondering if teeth whitening in Newark is still an option for you.

Risks and Precautions for Teeth Whitening with Periodontal Disease:

Periodontal, or gum disease, is an infection of the tissues that immediately surround and support your teeth. It is caused by the buildup of bacteria in plaque and can lead to tooth loss if not treated properly. According to a periodontist in Newark, symptoms of periodontal disease include red, swollen gums, receding gums, tenderness or bleeding when brushing or flossing, bad breath, and loose teeth. The best way to prevent periodontal infection is through proper oral hygiene, including yearly visits to the dentist.

The agents used to lighten teeth during whitening treatments can be abrasive and may cause inflammation of the nerves in both the teeth and gum tissues. People who already experience gum disease commonly endure frequent discomfort, so this type of treatment could only intensify the pain they are feeling. Not only that, but it may also cause more harm than good by further weakening their dental health.

Whitening Teeth with Periodontal Disease in Newark: Is It Possible?

Yes, whitening teeth with periodontal disease is possible, but there are certain precautions you should take beforehand. Dentists advise dealing with any gum issues before opting for whitening treatments.

Before attempting any kind of professional tooth whitening, make sure to consult with your dentist first, especially if you have gum disease. Your dental surgeon will be able to assess your oral health and determine whether it’s safe for you to proceed with the treatment.

Achieve a Brighter Smile With Expert Teeth Whitening Care in Newark:

In conclusion, it is possible to safely whiten teeth with minor periodontal disease as long as proper precautions are taken beforehand, including consulting with your dentist and using milder forms of tooth whitening treatments! To learn more about teeth whitening and periodontal disease, book an appointment with Dr. Myung Hyon at Park Place Dental Group today!

We’ll provide you with the best care in Newark to ensure a safe and effective teeth whitening experience. For more, browse through our website or Contact us at 973-732-3208 today to learn more!


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