Five Reasons Behind the Bleeding of Your Gums

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Are your gums bleeding whilst brushing and flossing? If you feel you are not brushing too hard yet your gums are bleeding then it needs immediate attention from a periodontist. Gums can bleed due to many reasons. In our previous blog, we have explained how dental implants in Newark can be replaced With gum disease? Read along to see the five most pivotal reasons behind the bleeding of gums.

5 Reasons Behind Bleeding Gums

Five Reasons Behind Gum Bleeding:

  1. Gum Disease is a Condition That Affects the Gums:

    Bleeding gums can also be due to gingivitis, a minor form of gum disease. Your gums may also appear red and swollen, and they may be sore to touch if you have gum disease. Your dentist can assist you in developing a gum disease treatment plan.

  2. Too Much Flossing or Brushing:

    Frayed toothbrush bristles can cause gums to bleed. This is a very common phenomenon which warns you to take it easy whilst brushing and flossing. Call your oral surgeon in Newark to get confirmation if it's only the vigorous brushing and flossing that is causing the problem.

  3. Oral Hygiene Habits Have Changed:

    When you make adjustments to your oral hygiene routines your gums can be impacted. This includes scenarios like: forgetting to floss for a while and then starting again, or when you're using a new toothbrush that's a little stiffer than your old one. Once your gums have adjusted to the new alterations, they should cease bleeding within a week.

  4. Pregnancy:

    During pregnancy, women go through loads of hormonal variations in the body. These changes cannot be stopped as it is an unavoidable aspect of pregnancy. But they also impact how your body reacts to the germs that cause gum disease.

    Women are at great risk of getting pregnancy gingivitis, a minor form of gum disease that affects expecting mothers. Pregnancy gingivitis causes the gums to be red, swollen, and sensitive in addition to bleeding. If you think you could have pregnant gingivitis, make an appointment with your periodontist in Newark and get help.

  5. Medications:

    Some medications are intended to benefit a certain region of the body, but they may have unintended consequences/side effects with respect to other areas. Blood thinners are one of the most prevalent interactions; they can also induce bleeding from small irritations. Cleaning and flossing the gums may be enough to irritate them to result in bleeding.


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