Can I Whiten My Teeth Even if I Have Gum Disease?

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Several people go in for teeth whitening procedures as they want a dazzling smile that can give them a million dollar smile. However, people suffering from gum disease might find it difficult to get teeth whitening done.

There are doctors who recommend the patients to take care of their gums and then consider the teeth whitening treatments. As the irritants and chemicals used in the process might debilitate the gums, these can induce pain and make things worse for the people. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 symptoms you need to visit a periodontist in Newark for gum disease. However, on the other hand, if the gum disease has been cured, patients can get teeth whitening treatments to reduce the discoloration of the teeth, improve their smile and maintain a good oral health.

Can I Whiten My Teeth Even if I Have Gum Disease?

3 Reasons to Get Teeth Whitening After Gum Disease in Newark:

  1. Is Extremely Painful:

    Since the bleeding gums and disease cause excruciating pain to the people, it is difficult for them to chew food or talk properly. The teeth whitening procedures often worsen the situation. The dentists who perform the teeth whitening in Newark advise patients to not undergo them if they have gum disease.

    With the help of X-Rays and tools the oral surgeon can assess the oral health of the people. If they suffer from a disease, the surgeons do not proceed with the dental procedures. A periodontist works to eliminate gum disease. If things go well, then the whitening procedures are considered.

  2. Damage The Teeth:

    With these procedures, a person might damage his/her teeth. There could be a loss of permanent teeth. The cosmetic dentist in Newark often warns the patient of the side-effects.

    It can deteriorate the nerve endings and make the teeth less firm and meek. Blood might ooze out from the mouth and the enamel could also become weak.

  3. Might Get Complicated:

    The oral surgeon in Newark suggests that the procedures might cost a fortune to treat the complications. If you are suffering from gum disease, then teeth whitening might lead to oral complications. Moreover, these treatments might not be a good option as these deteriorate the condition of the teeth and cause a host of other problems.

    These dentists advise young children and teenagers to maintain their oral hygiene. Gum diseases occur because of consuming excessive junk food, having improper oral health and drinking less water.

Summing it up, having gum disease makes things worse. People can’t get different cosmetic procedures done to look easy on the eyes. These treatments use chemicals which can aggravate an already existing gum disease. The oral health might go for a toss. It is better to be safe than sorry during these circumstances.


However, if you can go for the most experienced and leading periodontist in Newark, you can get the best suggestions of how to cure gum diseases followed by an efficient teeth whitening.

For the best dental care and suggestions to counteract the effects of gum disease, visit the Park Place Dental Group at Newark. It has a team of highly qualified professionals who know their job in and out. They have efficiently handled such cases till date. If you wish to schedule an online consultation and know more about the dental services, call us at 973-732-3208 or visit our website.


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