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Dental Crowns are among the most common and useful tools available to repair damaged or weakened teeth. If a damaged or decayed tooth stops you from having a strong bite or a confident smile, Park Place Dental Group in Newark, New Jersey, provides a number of options to help restore your teeth. For more information on crowns, call the office to set up an appointment or use the online scheduling tool.

Q & A on Dental Crowns in Newark

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a cap made of metal, porcelain, or dental resin that is placed over a tooth to restore its function and appearance. When it's cemented into place, a crown will be the only visible part of a tooth above the gumline.

Why Do I Need a Dental Crowns in Newark?

Getting a dental crown is a very common procedure that can treat a wide variety of dental problems. When a tooth is decayed, it can become weak and may even crack or break.

A crown can prevent this from happening, or it can restore a tooth that has already been broken or worn-down. They can also cover dental implants, hold bridges in place, or improve the look of your smile.

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

A dental crown can be made from several different materials, including:

Stainless Steel

These crowns are often the most cost-effective and are frequently used for temporary crowns and crowns for children since they don't usually require follow-up visits.


Some crowns are made of metals high in gold and platinum, or base-metal alloys that are extremely durable and stand up well to chewing and bite force. The main drawback is these usually have a noticeably metallic color.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

These crowns look very similar to normal teeth but can wear on the teeth opposite of them in your bite. These are especially useful when you need a bridge or crown on a tooth that has to withstand a great deal of force, like a molar.

All Resin

An all resin crown is a less expensive option that looks a lot like a normal tooth. However, it can be less durable than other options.

All Ceramic or All Porcelain

Porcelain can be best customized to match the color of your natural teeth. These are a good option for front teeth, which are extremely visible.

What Is It Like To Get a Dental Crown?

Getting a dental crowns in Newark is a simple procedure that can usually be performed quickly and with minimal discomfort.

First, the team at Park Place Dental Group examines the affected tooth or teeth to determine the best treatment for your condition. They may take an X-ray of your bite and check the tooth and surrounding bone for signs of decay. If the root of the tooth is compromised, they may need to first perform a root canal before installing the crown.

Your Newark special dentist then numbs the tooth and the surrounding area, and prepares the tooth for the cap. They take an impression of your tooth to make the crown, which they send to a dental lab. In the meantime, you are given a temporary crown.

When your crown is ready, your dentist removes the temporary crown and cements the permanent crown in place.

How Do I Care For a Dental Crown?

To care for your crown, brush your teeth twice a day, and floss daily. Avoid chewing foods like ice and hard candies, and visit your special dentist at Park Place Dental Group twice a year for regular cleanings.

If you need a crown or any other dental treatment, call Park Place Dental Group today.


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