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Your smile reflects your good health. When you lose a tooth, the gap created in your dentition deteriorates your oral health. The smile may turn less attractive when there are a number of teeth missing. It may become difficult for you to have food. Our advanced restorative care is dedicated to replacing lost tooth or repair damaged tooth. We ensure that our patients receive quality dental care. Our tooth restoration solutions including dental implants in Newark NJ have worked remarkably for our patients. Our dentist masters the art of performing dental implant surgery. Continued education in the field of implant dentistry has allowed our dentist to treat patients better from time to time. If you want to replace your lost tooth with dental implants call our Newark NJ dental office today.

Dental Implants Treatment in Newark

A lost tooth can cause a number of oral problems when it is not replaced. An accident, tooth decay or gum disease can cause tooth loss in a person. The ill-effects of tooth loss can be devastating, especially when there are a number of teeth missing. Studies conducted in dentistry have proven that there can be various dental defects which arise from tooth loss.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root embedded in your jawbone where you’re missing a tooth. They're made from biocompatible substances like titanium or ceramic, which enables the implant to fuse with your bone as you heal from the procedure.

Bone Resorption - This is the medical term for jaw bone shrinkage. Jaw bone shrinks when there is tooth loss because of the lack of stimulation. The tooth root keeps the jaw bone healthy by stimulating it with bite force. When there are few teeth missing the width and height of jaw bone tends to reduce.

Changes in Facial Appearance - Missing teeth can lead to jaw bone loss. When there is a lack of support to facial muscles, the skin tends to sag. This makes a person look old.

Orthodontic Problems - The gap in the dentition caused from tooth loss/teeth loss can create an imbalance in biting forces. This imbalance pushes the teeth around towards the empty space. This can create misalignment and lead to orthodontic problems.

Reduce Self-confidence - Missing tooth can have psychological effects on patients. People who have gaps in their smile may avoid taking part in parties and get together. The lack of teeth can reduce the self-confidence and de-motivate people in their daily activities.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an artificial replacement for tooth root. The implants are drilled into the jaw bone of patients. The insertion of dental implants in Newark requires a surgery which can only be performed by an experienced dental professional at his/her office. The operation is performed in the presence of anesthesia. Once placed in the jaw bone, the dental implant can last for many years.


There are many ways in which a natural tooth can be replaced. Dental implants have proven to be one of the best among all the methods because of the process of Osseointegration. It is because of Osseointegration the dental implants last for several decades. Osseointegration is the phenomenon where the implant forms a structural and functional bond with the jaw bone. This makes dental implant an integral part of the mouth.

Why Dental Implants?

There are many reasons why you may want to choose dental implants over other tooth replacement methods. Although the surgeries are expensive compared to other restorative treatment, the benefits of dental implants near you in Newark can surely make it worthwhile.

  1. The treatment replaces a tooth root and hence protects the jaw bone of patients.
  2. Dental implants form a strong bond with the bone which gives the implanted tooth higher strength and stability.
  3. The crown fixed over dental implants look very natural.
  4. The bite feels very natural since the implant is connected to the jaw bone.
  5. Patients get the freedom to have most of the food items.
  6. The implanted tooth can be cleaned just like natural tooth which means that it is not difficult to maintain oral hygiene.

Dental Implants Treatment in Newark

Dental implant surgery has certain conditions. Patients should firstly have healthy jaw bones which are thick and tall enough to hold the implant. There should be no periodontal disease. Our dentist also checks the medical history of patients. Diabetes, cancer and heart diseases may be unfavorable conditions for dental implants surgery.

Once our implant dentist performs a thorough check and confirms the fitness of patient for dental implant surgery, a treatment plan is set. The placement of dental implant happens in several steps. Patients are given anesthesia to make the surgery painless. Our implant dentist cuts through the gums and drills hole into the jaw bone. The implant is screwed into the jaw bone after enough space is made for it. The experience and skills of the dentist come to picture in this stage. The drilling of holes and placement of implants should be carefully done since there should not be any nerve which is hurt during the process. The implant is left to heal for a period of about 3 to 6 months. The abutment is then placed over the implant and a porcelain crown which is specially made for the patient is fixed to it.

Taking Care Of Your Implanted Tooth

Implanted tooth look and feel like a natural tooth. Oral hygiene is of prime importance for the better life of dental implants. Routine brushing and flossing can help patients keep their teeth protected from infection. With the dental implants in place, care must be taken to see that the patient stays away from the gum infection.

Routine dental check up with our special dentist in Newark NJ at our dental practice can help you take better care of your implants. There may be minor corrections required for the dental implant which can be done at our dental office in Newark NJ. Informed patients who are well aware of how to care for their dental implants can retain healthy and permanent smiles. Our aim is to successfully implant artificial tooth in place of lost tooth and spread awareness in patients about dental implant care.


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