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If you are getting sleepless over your aching gums and the bones inside your mouth, it's time to hand-pick a periodontist in Newark. Read on to gather reliable information about periodontists to clear all your confusion.

Understanding About Periodontist in Newark:

Periodontists are experts who are qualified to cure problems that bother the bones inside the mouth and gum issues. They diagnose and medicate gum diseases thereby preventing them from further escalation. Oral inflammation, which is a visible sign of fast proceeding gum issue, can be cured by a periodontist in Newark.

Gum Diseases: What Causes Them?

Gum diseases occur due to infection occurring in the tissues surrounding the teeth. This leads to a condition called inflammation. The reason behind this swelling is the bacteria that help form plaque that builds up on teeth. The swelling usually spreads beneath the gum line.

The Preliminary and Advanced Forms of Gum Disease:

The preliminary form of the disease that affects the gum is named gingivitis. This can be kept in control by availing proper treatment. This should be complemented with a healthy dental routine and periodic visits to a dentist. The scenario is different for advanced gum diseases named periodontitis. This necessitates extensive treatment under a specialist periodontist in Newark.

Treatment for Gum Diseases With Periodontist in Newark:

A periodontist in Newark, like Dr. Myung Hyon who practices at Park Place Dental Group, will review the medical and dental records of the patient. A dental exam follows. This will allow them to suggest the ideal treatment option. Depending upon the severity of the problem at hand, the treatment will contain surgical and non-surgical methods:

  1. Non-Surgical Treatment Choices:

    Root planing and scaling are treatments done to remove deep-lying tartars and plaque from under the gum line. If the need arises they both are combined with antibiotic or antimicrobial medicines.

    A tray delivery system can also be suggested by the periodontist in Newark for the patient to wear at home.

  2. Surgical Treatment Choices:

    Periodontitis and gingivitis can result in receded gums, exposing the tooth's root. Gum grafting can be performed by a periodontist in Newark to alleviate this issue. Tissue from the roof of the mouth is employed to enfold the gum line which is receded. This can prevent tooth decay, decrease pain and sensitivity.

  3. Other Treatment Choices:

    Lengthening of the crown, gum grafts and augmentation of the ridge for cosmetic purposes are some of the dental treatments that involve the gums.

Visit Our Periodontist in Newark:

If you are looking for a periodontist in Newark, visit Dr. Myung Hyon who practices at Park Place Dental group. For more information call us at (973) 732-3208 and schedule an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Question on Periodontist in Newark

What Is the Difference Between a Periodontist and a Dentist?

After completing an undergraduate degree and dental school, a licensed periodontist in Newark must also complete a program that typically lasts between 30-36 months. This additional program mainly focuses on understanding the causes and treatment of gum disease.


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