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If you have a low pain tolerance or you experience dental anxiety, sedation dentistry provides a safe and relaxing way to receive the oral health treatment you need to stay healthy. At Park Place Dental Group in Newark, New Jersey, people of all ages can access sedation dentistry for everything from routine dental cleanings and exams to root canals and restorations. To book your appointment, call the office today.

Q & A on Sedation Dentistry in Newark

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, uses nitrous oxide to help you relax and feel at ease during dental treatments. This type of dentistry is beneficial for people who have a low pain tolerance, experience dental anxiety, or have special needs.

If you regularly put off dental care because you're fearful of what might occur, sedation dentistry is worth considering. Using safe and effective means, your Park Place Dental Group provider can help you relax while improving your oral health and well-being.

Are There Different Types of Sedation Dentistry?

At Park Place Dental Group, you can access two types of sedation dentistry in Newark depending on your individual needs and overall health. Following an exam and review of your medical history, your provider might recommend:

Inhaled Minimal Sedation

Inhaled minimal sedation is a type of relaxation dentistry that uses nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This type of sedation doesn’t put you to sleep, but it does help you relax and feel less anxious. What’s more, inhaled minimal sedation wears off quickly, so you can drive yourself home after your appointment. Park Place Dental Group offers inhaled minimal sedation in-office.

Deep Sedation

Deep sedation is a type of sedation dentistry that causes you to fall asleep. This allows your provider to conduct your entire appointment without you being aware of the procedure. At Park Place Dentistry, the team uses deep sedation for specially-abled patients, patients with dental phobias, and patients with medical conditions that require general anesthesia.

The team conducts deep sedation off-site in an operating room. Following your appointment, you recover in a waiting room while the medication wears off. If you opt for this type of sedation dentistry, you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home.

What Type of Sedation Dentistry is Right For Me in Newark?

Only a qualified professional, like those at Park Place Dental Group, can determine the type of sedation dentistry that's right for you.

During your initial consultation, your provider reviews your medical history and asks questions about your goals for treatment and anxiety levels. Afterward, they can make recommendations that align with your individual needs.

To see if sedation dentistry is right for you in Newark, make an appointment at Park Place Dental Group by calling the office today.


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